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OEM & ODM Services

OEM & ODM Services

You just need to follow some simple steps to apply for OEM

A. Apply online
1. Submit OEM application through online application platform. There is customer's contact info in the application for us to get in touch with you in 24 hours after your application. Please specify the OEM product and quantity for us to set the price. You can briefly describe the product requirement.
2. You can also send your OEM requirements to our customer service email. All the contact info can be found on customer service center.

B. Verification and further negotiation
1. After we receive your OEM application, we will verify the info and process to the next step.
2. We will answer customer's inquiry in detail. Then offer the OEM price for it and communicate over relevant problems.
3. When both sides reach intent on cooperation, we would ask customer for related OEM product information, such as packaging design, ingredients requirement, or we can design package for you according to your requirements.
C. confirm package
1. Both sides reach agreement over production time, price, and package etc after further negotiation.
D. Sign a production contract
1. We will provide formal OEM contract, which regulates the obligation and rights of both sides, as well as relevant standard of OEM products. After reaching agreement on related terms, we can sign the contract, work on execution of contract and pay the advance payment.
E. production
1. We will arrange for production time according to contract provisions. First of all it's the sample production and package printing, then we will photo the sample and package and send e-file to customer for confirmation. We can also send the product sample for confirmation. After the sample being confirmed, we will carry out massive production.
2. We will finish production according to contract provisions and hand it over to specified freight company. When it's verified by the third party, customer should pay us the rest of the payment. Regarding the transportation of OEM products, customer can entrust us with searching for Freight Company. You can choose the transportation method and delivery terms. Shipping price can be negotiated in advanced and we can pay for you temporarily.



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